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To invent you need a Camera.


  • Anti-Curse Amulet - Hmmmm! Jurak, Holy Emblem, and Saint's Writings
  • Antidote Drink - Bottle, Dell Clinic Sign, and Well
  • Anti-Goo Amulet - Laundry, Ruler of the Pond, and Waterfall
  • Anti-Petrify Amulet - Clock, Jurak's Eye, and Morning Sun
  • Aquarium - Fountain, Window, and Wooden Box
  • Bomb - Candle, Pot, and Weapon Shop Sign
  • Bread - Fireplace, Polly's Bakery Sign, and Wheat Flour
  • Cheese - Cafe Sign, Lao Chao's Trademark, and Milk Can
  • Double Pudding - Find the Golden Egg!, Milk Can, and Wheat Flour
  • Escape Powder - Ancient Mural, Elevator, and Transmission Device
  • Final Bomb - Candle, Cinders, and Oven
  • Gift Capsule - Bone, Letter, and Pot
  • Holy Water - Bottle, Holy Emblem, and The Sun
  • Improved Bomb - Candle, Coal, and Egg
  • Level-up Powder - Sun Chair, Sun Table and The Sun
  • Lightspeed - Candle, Flower, and Rock
  • Lure Rod - Fish, Lafrescia Stem, and River
  • Non-Stop Amulet - Clock, Monument, and Starglass
  • Premium Chicken - Burning Dragon Fire, Pork Dumpling, and Special Peking Duck
  • Resurrection Powder - Fruit, Hot Springs Spirit, and Lotus Flower
  • Ridepod Fuel - Luna Stone Shards, Mud, and Stardust Pond
  • Soap - Laundry, Palm Tree, and Waterfall
  • Stamina Drink - Bottle, Chinese Lantern, and King Mardan
  • Tasty Water - Bottle, Fountain, and Waterfall
  • Treasure Chest Key - Golden Door, Labyrinth Door, and Sun Chamber Gate Keeper


  • Albatross - Fire Squall, Geyser, and Tree
  • Bandit Brassard - Clock, Gold Store, and Show Window
  • Bell Trigger - Fountain, Phone, and Tree
  • Bone Rapier - Bone, Cloth, and Withered Jurak
  • Cubic Hammer - Dresser, Gold Store, and Work Equipment
  • Dark Viper - Night Stalker, Puppet Shingala, and Rifle
  • Digi Hammer - Computer, Constructor, and Decorative Lights
  • Falcon - Hammer, Large Crane, and Withered Jurak
  • Flamingo - Light of Luna Stone, Palm Tree, and Tiny Hammer
  • Grenade Launcher - Chimney, Egg, and Fountain
  • Heavy Hammer - Drum Can, Paznos, and Power Arm; or Drum Can, Gigantor Paznos, and Power Arm
  • Magic Gun - Fountain, Moon Crystal, and The Moon; or Fountain, Moon Crystal, and The Sun
  • Poison Wrench - Deer Horn, Mushroom, and Sulfur-Colored Juice
  • Question Shooter - Brave Little Linda, Fountain, and Neo-Projector
  • Ruler's Sword - Figure, Iron Maiden, and Paznos; or Figure, Gigantor Paznos, and Iron Maiden
  • Sand Breaker - Hand-Sewn Silk Flag, Horn, and Spinning Ivanoff
  • Sexy Panther - Elena's Portrait, Flower Bathed in Light, and Rifle
  • Smash Wrench - Constructor, Rock, and Star Lamp
  • Soul Breaker - Energy Pipe, Geyser, and Transmission Device
  • Star Breaker - Chimney, Fire House, and Phantom Memo Eater
  • Steal Gun - Book, Fountain, and Work Crane
  • Stinger Wrench - Air Cleaner, Pipe, and a Wheel
  • Swan - Boat, Tiny Hammer, and Tree
  • Trumpet Gun - Fountain, Rapper, and Tree
  • Turkey - Special Peking Duck, Tree, and Windmill Feather
  • Twin Buster - Flower Chandelier, Jurak's Nose, and Rifle
  • Wild Cat - Charging Ram, Rifle, and Work Equipment
  • Wise Owl Sword - Charging Ram, Grass, and Tree

Ridepod PartsEdit

  • Barrel Cannon - Barrel, Fountain, and Mushroom
  • Barrel Cannon II - Barrel, Fountain, and Well
  • Barrel Cannon III - Barrel, Water Tank, and Waterfall
  • Barrel Cannon IV - Air Cleaner, Barrel, and Fire Squall
  • Bucket Leg - Can, River, and Well; or River, Trashcan, and Water Tank
  • Bucket Pack - Mailbox, Trashcan, and Warehouse
  • Buggy - Belt, Car, and System 5WP2
  • Cannonball Arm - Manhole, Old-Style Robot, and Post
  • Cannonball Arm II - Constructor, Post, and Rock
  • Cannonball Arm III - Constructor, Moon Crystal, and Post
  • Cannonball Arm IV - Constructor, Egg Chair, and Rock
  • Caterpillar - Car, Cart, and Wheel
  • Cleaner Pack - Air Cleaner, Belt, Vacuum; or Can, Vacuum Bag, and Water Tank
  • Clown Body - Cup, Paints, and Parasol
  • Clown Foot- Clown Robo's Attack, Paints, and Eyeball
  • Clown Hand - Clown Robo's Attack, Parasol, and Pipe
  • Clown Hand II - Clown Robo's Attack, Parasol, and Scale
  • Clown Hand III - Clown Robo's Attack, Flag, and Work Arm
  • Clown Hand IV - Clown Robo's Attack, Paints, and Power Arm
  • Drill Arm - Auto Book Reader, Fan, and Windmill
  • Drill Arm II - Electric Sesame, Horn, and Work Arm
  • Drill Arm III - Ixion, Luna Stone Shards, and Work Arm
  • Drill Arm IV - Deer Horn, Flower of the Sun, and Work Arm
  • Drum Can Body - Chair, Drum Can, and Lamp
  • Energy Pack - Belt, Milk Can, and Pipe
  • Multi Feet - Deer Horn, Post, Work Robot


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